Tuesday, 16 October 2012

More Military

Hello everyone I am still here! It has been so long since I last posted and I'm so sorry, but school has been so hectic with sorting out uni and personal statement writing which is going disastrously so if anyone has any advise it would very much appreciated! I still can't decide what course to do, my dream is something to do with fashion but I also want something well paid so I was thinking fashion PR perhaps? But then maybe law or English lit- law or English, English or law- this is all my head is saying to me I am so confused:(

Anyway as winter and may I dare say it Christmas (ohmigod) is looming I really need to do some re-vamping of my wardrobe as I haven't been shopping in forever, however I did purchase this really cute French bulldog peplum top from River Island which will feature probably in my next post; especially as I have a massive obsession with French bulldogs. However recently I have been wearing a lot of military inspired clothing. I think it started after my khaki and leather sleeved jacket which I just can't seem to take off and this studded shirt from Asda is no exception.

Shirt:Asda Jeans:Topshop Boots:Topshop

I never buy any clothes from supermarket's, but seeing this shirt in Asda and at only £14 I thought it was a really good buy the fabric feels quite well made with it being sheer and then the top half being blocked khaki. The photos make it look a funny grey colour but it is actually a nice khaki green, also really sorry for the worse than usual photo quality I couldn't get outside as the weather has been so awful and it gets so dark quickly now.

Enjoy the rest of your week!
Ksww, xoxo