Sunday, 11 November 2012


Today's outfit of the day;

Blazer; H&M, Top; Zara, Shorts; Topshop, Slippers; Topshop

Ksww, xoxo

Thursday, 8 November 2012

The Best Of The LBD....

So now the party season is very quickly approaching, it's time to find the perfect party dress for the lead up to Christmas and New Year and of course the queen of the dresses is the little black dress, as no wardrobe is complete without one.
I've put together a little collage of some of the best LBD's on the high street, also look out for the decadent baroque print as it's dominant everywhere this season and the dresses are no exception. A baroque dress is the perfect combination to get that luxe, sophisticated and wintery feel.

Anyway back to the LBD:

1-2; Topshop, 3:LOVE  4: Warehouse, 5: River Island, 6-7: Zara, 8: River Island, 9: Dahlia
These dresses show a range of styles from a full skirted prom dress, to a flapper style and then a peplum, so a LBD will not only see you seamlessly through this party season but any occasion!

Ksww, xoxo

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Frenchie Love...

Ok, so by the title of the post I sound like some obsessed dog freak if you know what a 'Frenchie' aka French Bulldog is, but I'm not! Although they are the cutest dogs ever, I had to settle with this French Bulldog print peplum top from River Island that I'm in love with and can say I've already worn it to death- it has a little collar on it and everything!

Top; River Island Jeans; Topshop Boots; Topshop

I'm back at sixth form tomorrow, wishing I had another week off though it goes sooo quickly. Anyway hope everyone has a lovely start to their week.

Ksww, xoxo

Friday, 2 November 2012

Halloween Inspired Lust List....

Hey y'all, so it was Halloween only a few days ago and I hope everyone had a scarily good time (excuse the terrible pun!).

Anyway I thought I'd use this post to show some of the Halloween inspired clothes on the high street, that are not only for Halloween but are will see you through the winter season too.

1-3; Topshop, 4: Lavish Alice, 5;Urban Outfitters, 6; Whistles, 7-8; Asos and 9; River Island.

Will definitely do an outfit post this weekend as long as the weather behaves and if anyone is going to any fireworks- have fun!
Ksww, xoxo

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

More Military

Hello everyone I am still here! It has been so long since I last posted and I'm so sorry, but school has been so hectic with sorting out uni and personal statement writing which is going disastrously so if anyone has any advise it would very much appreciated! I still can't decide what course to do, my dream is something to do with fashion but I also want something well paid so I was thinking fashion PR perhaps? But then maybe law or English lit- law or English, English or law- this is all my head is saying to me I am so confused:(

Anyway as winter and may I dare say it Christmas (ohmigod) is looming I really need to do some re-vamping of my wardrobe as I haven't been shopping in forever, however I did purchase this really cute French bulldog peplum top from River Island which will feature probably in my next post; especially as I have a massive obsession with French bulldogs. However recently I have been wearing a lot of military inspired clothing. I think it started after my khaki and leather sleeved jacket which I just can't seem to take off and this studded shirt from Asda is no exception.

Shirt:Asda Jeans:Topshop Boots:Topshop

I never buy any clothes from supermarket's, but seeing this shirt in Asda and at only £14 I thought it was a really good buy the fabric feels quite well made with it being sheer and then the top half being blocked khaki. The photos make it look a funny grey colour but it is actually a nice khaki green, also really sorry for the worse than usual photo quality I couldn't get outside as the weather has been so awful and it gets so dark quickly now.

Enjoy the rest of your week!
Ksww, xoxo

Monday, 24 September 2012


After spotting this bomber jacket on the river island website at the weekend, I really need it in my life. It's the perfect piece to transition from Autumn to Winter as it has a gorgeous winter floral print, whilst still maintaining that sporty vibe. Plus would look great with jeans or over the top of a dress or skirt.

Ksww, xoxo

Sunday, 23 September 2012

AW12 Trend 3 Modern Military

Staple buys for this trend are definitely the mighty military jacket and of the course the camouflage jacket which has been seen on everyone this year; especially if it has leather sleeves.

Just khaki and camouflage it up!

Jacket: MarksandSpencer 
M&S have got it so right with military jackets this season, you only have to watch their new ad campaign to see.

Khaki parka: RiverIsland

Must have khaki and leather sleeve jacket: Missguided

Camo jeans:Zara

Khaki studded jumper: LavishAlice this one is very similar to the Topshop one but half the price!

Camo jacket: Topshop

Skirt: Asos

Have a great Monday:)

Ksww, xoxo

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Baroque and Leather

Dress:Primark Jacket:Missguided
Hi everyone, this is the first outfit post in a while and I'm sorry that I look so incredibly miserable in them, I wasn't but not sure why I'm pulling that face. Anyway I realised this dress I have from Primark which is v.old fits in quite well with the baroque trend- it's baroque print but unfortunately doesn't have quite the same luxe, decadent vibe going on.

I also love this military inspired khaki and leather jacket from Missguided it's very similar to the River Island one, which I really wanted but that's sold out online now (I think) and I haven't had chance to go to my local shop and see if they have it in there, but the Missguided one is £10 cheaper if anyone wants to save a little money and it's perfect for this AW especially as this time of the year the weather is very unpredictable (unless you're in England and then it's the same all year round) it's light weight but not too thin either.

Modern Military trend post tomorrow:)

Ksww, xoxo 

Thursday, 13 September 2012

AW'12 Trend 2 Baroque

This is the ultimate trend for going out this AW, especially for the when the party season starts. With this trend there's no such thing as less is more, think glitz, super luxe and head to toe glamour. It's full of afterdark beading, embellishment, winterflorals, metalics, sheeny fabrics particularly jacquard! So as long as it's embroidered and bejewlled you'll be fine embrace the prints and colours.

Gold jacquard shorts;Asos really this whole look is perfect all Asos.

In love with this gold glitter bodycon midi, which is also from Asos as it would be perfect for any occasion.
As Donatella Versace would say 'more is more' these pin stud heels would make any outfit shine:

Collar:Topshop will luxe up even the simplest outfit.
Jeweled earings: Asos

Box bag:Zara

Ksww, xoxo

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

An Air Of Sophistication

Dress:Mango Jacket:Miss.Selfridge Boots:Topshop

Hope everyone is having a lovely week. This outfit is heading slightly more towards A/W with the darker blue/grey animal style stripes and the leather jacket just grunges it up slightly. This is not something I usually purely because of the length, as just above the knee doesn't really suit me but I've always wanted to wear this length so now I'm going for it.However this more fitted style looks better on someone with curves and not straight up and down like me, but I do really want the white midi on asos as seen on I might have to purchase. I will do trend no.2 for the AW trend guide tomorrow.
Ksww, xoxo

Friday, 7 September 2012

AW'12 Trend Guide Part1

Oh it's been a while, sorry about that I didn't even realise I'd been so neglectful of my blog- but anyway way I'm back just like school!

AW is my favourite time for fashion, I just love when the August and September issues of Vogue and Elle come out with the new season runway edit, I actually get really exited it's a bit weird I know but I'm sure all fashion geeks do! Which is why I'm gutted I can't go to London's Fashion Night Out:( I've been wanting to go for years but never can because of school so next year WILL be the year.

Think leather, lace, buckles and belts and then of course the crucifix accessory which is everywhere, you can't miss it. But this goth is not made to scare it's more dark, glamorous and seductive. Purple and oxblood are huge colours for this trend too not just black.

Dress: Asos

Batman crop-top: Lazyoath

Shoes: Asos

Skirt, leather and lace (two in one with this): Topshop

Lips in Inhibition: Topshop

Earings: Asos

Dress:Zara This is my favourite as I think it's the perfect to demonstrate all that is the gothic trend. It has lace, leather and that feminine peplum detail which makes it ooze gothic romance. 

I've decided because there is 6 key trends I'm going to spread them throughout the week, so there's not just one huge post.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend and I'm going to make sure I get some outfit posts done next week, it's also payday (yay) I'm in desperate need of some new clothes!

Ksww, xoxo

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Post Reading Blues

Hi everyone, I'm back from an absolutely wicked weekend at Reading festival. I got back yesterday but haven't had chance to do an proper post, because I've basically been sleeping and eating all day- you have no idea how good it was to sleep in a bed instead of a hard tent floor!

So besides the uncomfortable sleeping situation, over priced food and the most revolting toilets ever, even worse than port-a-loos ( think slum dog millionaire) the music was incredible it's so hard to chose who were my favs because everyone I saw was so good live! But Kasabian, Florence, Foster the People and of course  the Foo Fighters were rockin' (I just thought I'd try out a new expression, so sorry if rockin' sounds a bit naff)

For today's post I've put together a montage of Reading photos, ooh also I casually met Jay Camilleri, male model and starred in the E4 modelling reality show 'Dirty Sexy Things' he was pretty para, but still looked gorgeous (models do really look amazing all of the time).

Ksww, xoxo

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Festival Fever

Flower garland: New look Maxi dress:Oh My Love

Hey everyone, sorry about the lack of blogging in the last week and the all important Olympic post that I never did (apologies!). I don't think you needed my rambling to tell you how amazing it was- the spice girls and David Gandy- wow, a definite zigazig aaah for him! And of course I had my dreaded AS results on Thursday, but  fortunately they weren't as bad as I had expected AAB and then we have Biology (won't mention that one though, as was beyond awful) 

Anyway back to the fashion stuff. I'm heading to Reading festival on Thursday, so excited but also terrified at the same time. Is anyone going/been before and has any nice advise that will calm me? So I brought this dress from Topshop and it was at the absolute bargain price £10 from £45. I love the tie-dye three toned colours and is perfect festival fashion whether worn with sandals, biker boots which are as big as wellies this festival season or even wellies it works. Speaking of biker boots, my favs are the Ash Trashbis studded biker boot, as seen on Frankie Sandford;  however they obviously have a heftier price tag attached to them(try £350) but these style of boots are literally in every high street store for £80 max at the moment. Also head-dresses are always huge for festivals, but flower garlands are 'it' 'the must have'  this year and yaay because you feel so pretty, elegant and mystical with this boho style that is just as easily worn out of festivals too.
I am sort of in love with these- Biker boot
These River Island ones are a purse friendly £75.

Is anyone going/ been to any festivals this year?
Ksww, xoxo

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Do You Want To Go To The Seaside?

Shirt: Primark Shorts: Vintage Levis Necklace: H&M

Just a quick post today because I'm sure everyone is getting ready to watch the Olympics closing ceremony, I know I am! I will do an Olympic inspired post tomorrow after what I'm sure will be an amazing ceremony, hope everyone enjoys it and has had a great weekend.

Ksww, xoxo

Monday, 6 August 2012

All Saints

Dress; All Saints Boots; Dune

Hi everyone, I've had this dress from All Saints for a while but I haven't really worn it since winter. Anyway I adore All Saints, I love the grungy style which makes you feel a little like a rock star, unfortunately  I haven't got one of the leather jackets:( which are amazing but I just don't have the £300-£400 to part with. 
I also have the dreaded driving test tomorrow (I'm sooo scared it's unbelievable) I just really hope I pass!
Enjoy the rest of your Monday

Ksww, xoxo