Sunday, 4 November 2012

Frenchie Love...

Ok, so by the title of the post I sound like some obsessed dog freak if you know what a 'Frenchie' aka French Bulldog is, but I'm not! Although they are the cutest dogs ever, I had to settle with this French Bulldog print peplum top from River Island that I'm in love with and can say I've already worn it to death- it has a little collar on it and everything!

Top; River Island Jeans; Topshop Boots; Topshop

I'm back at sixth form tomorrow, wishing I had another week off though it goes sooo quickly. Anyway hope everyone has a lovely start to their week.

Ksww, xoxo


  1. Thak you my dear
    lovely blog
    I'm following you too ^^

  2. Lovely look, I love french bulldogs I remember seeing this top I wish i bought it now looks gorgeous! xo



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