Sunday, 24 June 2012

Carnival Spirit

I went to a village carnival on Saturday, as I had the weekend off work and it was actually really cute! There was so much yummy food and lots of little craft stools and music, but best of all my Topshop floral trousers had another little outing. However I did get bitten by some kind of nasty parasite and now my arm is like a balloon crossed with Popeye, you know that old cartoon that has big muscles because he eats spinach. That's my arm minus the spinach eating!

Top; Topshop
Trousers; Topshop

All I would say about these trousers and the other trousers in Topshoop of the same material, is perhaps to get a size smaller than usual, because like mine when you first try them on they fit perfect but then gradually loosen up and get a little baggy.

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Ksww,xoxo- Stay Fabulous!


  1. love your outfit you look really cute! :)x

  2. i love your liberty panTSS!!!!!
    Great dear

  3. looks amazing!

  4. Thank you very much for following me!

    You've got great style and very nice blog, totally following you too!

    Katerina from

  5. Love the outfit!!!The pants are beautiful!
    Wanna fllow each other on bloglovin? Let me know on a comment :)


  6. those pants are awesome! such a great outfit!

  7. Such a beautiful print!!


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