Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Festival Fever

Flower garland: New look Maxi dress:Oh My Love

Hey everyone, sorry about the lack of blogging in the last week and the all important Olympic post that I never did (apologies!). I don't think you needed my rambling to tell you how amazing it was- the spice girls and David Gandy- wow, a definite zigazig aaah for him! And of course I had my dreaded AS results on Thursday, but  fortunately they weren't as bad as I had expected AAB and then we have Biology (won't mention that one though, as was beyond awful) 

Anyway back to the fashion stuff. I'm heading to Reading festival on Thursday, so excited but also terrified at the same time. Is anyone going/been before and has any nice advise that will calm me? So I brought this dress from Topshop and it was at the absolute bargain price £10 from £45. I love the tie-dye three toned colours and is perfect festival fashion whether worn with sandals, biker boots which are as big as wellies this festival season or even wellies it works. Speaking of biker boots, my favs are the Ash Trashbis studded biker boot, as seen on Frankie Sandford;  however they obviously have a heftier price tag attached to them(try £350) but these style of boots are literally in every high street store for £80 max at the moment. Also head-dresses are always huge for festivals, but flower garlands are 'it' 'the must have'  this year and yaay because you feel so pretty, elegant and mystical with this boho style that is just as easily worn out of festivals too.
I am sort of in love with these- Biker boot
These River Island ones are a purse friendly £75.

Is anyone going/ been to any festivals this year?
Ksww, xoxo

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