Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Post Reading Blues

Hi everyone, I'm back from an absolutely wicked weekend at Reading festival. I got back yesterday but haven't had chance to do an proper post, because I've basically been sleeping and eating all day- you have no idea how good it was to sleep in a bed instead of a hard tent floor!

So besides the uncomfortable sleeping situation, over priced food and the most revolting toilets ever, even worse than port-a-loos ( think slum dog millionaire) the music was incredible it's so hard to chose who were my favs because everyone I saw was so good live! But Kasabian, Florence, Foster the People and of course  the Foo Fighters were rockin' (I just thought I'd try out a new expression, so sorry if rockin' sounds a bit naff)

For today's post I've put together a montage of Reading photos, ooh also I casually met Jay Camilleri, male model and starred in the E4 modelling reality show 'Dirty Sexy Things' he was pretty para, but still looked gorgeous (models do really look amazing all of the time).

Ksww, xoxo


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