Friday, 7 September 2012

AW'12 Trend Guide Part1

Oh it's been a while, sorry about that I didn't even realise I'd been so neglectful of my blog- but anyway way I'm back just like school!

AW is my favourite time for fashion, I just love when the August and September issues of Vogue and Elle come out with the new season runway edit, I actually get really exited it's a bit weird I know but I'm sure all fashion geeks do! Which is why I'm gutted I can't go to London's Fashion Night Out:( I've been wanting to go for years but never can because of school so next year WILL be the year.

Think leather, lace, buckles and belts and then of course the crucifix accessory which is everywhere, you can't miss it. But this goth is not made to scare it's more dark, glamorous and seductive. Purple and oxblood are huge colours for this trend too not just black.

Dress: Asos

Batman crop-top: Lazyoath

Shoes: Asos

Skirt, leather and lace (two in one with this): Topshop

Lips in Inhibition: Topshop

Earings: Asos

Dress:Zara This is my favourite as I think it's the perfect to demonstrate all that is the gothic trend. It has lace, leather and that feminine peplum detail which makes it ooze gothic romance. 

I've decided because there is 6 key trends I'm going to spread them throughout the week, so there's not just one huge post.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend and I'm going to make sure I get some outfit posts done next week, it's also payday (yay) I'm in desperate need of some new clothes!

Ksww, xoxo

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