Thursday, 5 July 2012

Summer Lovin'

Playsuit: Topshop (old)
This weather is so freaky at the moment and I'm getting appropriate clothing all wrong. When I wake up it's all dull and rainy and then suddenly- boom the rest of the day is scorching, like today I dressed completely wrong. So I wore a jumper and cigarette pants, but was so hot that I couldn't wait to get home and change in to something cooler like this playsuit from Topshop (really old).

Ksww, xoxo- Stay Fabulous!


  1. you look great!
    the weather where I am hasn't been the best lately either..

  2. Cute playsuit...and your hair is so cool!

  3. That playsuit is so beautiful! And your hair looks amazing in these pictures, by the way!


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