Tuesday, 3 July 2012

In The Style Of Nicole Richie....

Jeans: Ark Clothing

These aztec jeans are in the style of the Isabel Marent jeans, but obviously the Marent ones come at a much heftier price tag! They are also as seen on Nicole Richie with her styling them in all black-oh so chic. I think these would also be perfect for the festivals, especially as this weather is cray!
I purchased these from Ark clothing here simply because they were on sale for £20 but now I think they're even £17.50, however I previously saw them on Missguided but unfortunately the website is being extremely slow so can't post the link but I know they were £34.99 on there, so a bargain on Ark even though it's the exact same jean. To me these jeans are such a good replica of the designer ones considering some high street replicas are sometimes way off, these have got it just right.
I'm off to look at UCL university tomorrow, but really only going for the road trip and day off sixth form as unless my results are some kind of miracle I will never be going. Plus I still am undecided on to even study! Law, English Lit or Fashion- the choice is so difficult! Help!

Hope everyone's having a fab week so far
Ksww,xoxo- Stay Fabulous!

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  1. Freaking awesome jeans girl =P



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