Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Where I Went: Warsaw

So, I went to Warsaw for my friends birthday way back in March and it was such a good weekend that we decided to go back again the other week. It is such a lovely city and perfect for a long girly weekend, where you can just shop, go out for cocktails, see a little bit of culture, go out to eat and more cocktails! And the even better news is that because it's so cheap you can do at least four days for under £100 and did I mention that it is hot in the summer too, so it makes for a perfect summer break.

I would definitely recommend a trip to Warsaw and if you go you have to take a visit to the Old Town, the architecture is gorgeous and it has a bit of an Italian vibe to it.

Ksww, xox


  1. beautiful pictures, I would love to go there! Looks like you had fun :)


    On the Bright Style

  2. Beautiful place!



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