Monday, 12 March 2012

Reading 2012...

Ok, I won't normally do posts like this but I am just sooo EXCITED, I managed to get tickets to Reading Festival this evening! Probably one of the most stressful things ever! Other than getting 1D tickets, but the adrenaline rush definitely kicks in! Although don't think I could do it frequently would probably have a heart attack or something, the best thing is the massive relief when the ticket company say 'your booking has been successful' and you just think YES  I'm actually going!!

Anyway, with all the festival line-ups practically all announced I'm starting to think (and hope) that summer is on it's way!!! And festival season means some serious shopping and whacking the hunters, short shorts and crop tops along with the hats and other cool head pieces out!

Anyone got any festivals lined up this year too?
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  1. Would love to go to a festival, ,luck you :)

    thank you for following and for the blog comment lovely :)

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  2. Thank you for your lovely comment...I am following you :)

  3. Beautiful post!!!
    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  4. Tha main artists are fab! I love paramore and foo fighters so much!

    2 years ago I went to the italian Heineken Jammin Festival and it was CRAZY! Absolutely a must in everyone's life :)

    Love your blog, follow each other's both with GFC and bloglovin? It would be great!

    Tati ♥ pearls
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  5. the shorts is GREAT! <3

  6. Hi Karis,
    First, I loved that option with orange top and skirt for your AMAZING Festival! :D
    Second, you posted a really nice comment on my blog talking how much you liked Sophie Kinsella's books, thank you so much for sharing your opinion. ;)

    Have a nice week (and Festival)!!!

  7. Thank you for your visit!!!
    I follow you too!

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  8. thanks so much for the comment love!

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  9. thaks for you´re lovely comment ! :)
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