Thursday, 19 April 2012


Top: Zara  Jeans: River Island Boots: Topshop
Hi, everyone just doing a really quick post today I'm stressing out about exams now as the dreaded exam season is very quickly approaching!!
Anyway I really love the peplum trend now, first I wasn't too sure if it would suit me or if it's one of those trends that look amazing on the catwalk and then the high street wouldn't have many options. But really it's quite the opposite there is SO many fab peplum tops/skirts/dresses and they can really easily smarten up an outfit! I'm going to do a follow up post to peplums tomorrow, showing what the high street has to offer (which I know I've already said, but is a lot!)
Good news, its Friday tomorrow, only been back at school for four days, but am so ready for the weekend

Ksww, xoxo- Stay Fabulous!


  1. Thanks for the comment, love the blog and lookbook! Deffo following you now :)

  2. Great outfit, love the casual-ness of it :) xx.

  3. love the peplum!

  4. love those boots!

  5. simple but nice! Love it )


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