Friday, 27 April 2012

Strappy Sandal

So a while back now I did a post on the new trend of very 'chunky' heels, but today I'm posting about the complete opposite and the return of the more delicate, elegant 'lady shoe' that is the thin strapped sandal! With a thin stiletto heel, ankle strap and front strap and slim sole, the perfect footwear for staying chic during the summer adding class to every outfit.

Best of the High Street thin strapped sandal:

Mango Sandals- these also from Mango come in a variety of two tone colours and a swede as well as plain leather

Topshop Skinny Sandal- These are also available in a two tone metallic version too.

All theses sandals are very similar in look and they all have fabulous colours for whatever your outfit. They are timeless shoes making a classic and essential piece for your wardrobe, and that means you won't feel so guilty about buying a pair (well that's my excuse anyway!)
Hope you have a fab weekend, you'll probably be doing something more interesting than me. I have work tomorrow and then a full day of revision on sunday- oh what joy

Ksww, xoxo- Stay Fabulous!


  1. Greate sandals:) i follow you too:):*

  2. Great choices! While chunky heels might be more comfortable (since they provide greater support), stilettos and elegant heels are so much prettier.

    Inspirations & CELEBRATIONS

  3. Thanks for comment. I follow you :)

  4. Lovely sandals.Thank you for following me, follow you back already ^^

  5. Lovely blog !
    Great shoes !
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  6. Beautiful sandals! Lovely blog, maybe you want to follow each other, on GFC and bloglovin? I'll follow you back for sure :)

    Have a great weekend!


    "Dicas de saúde, beleza, e exercício físico"

  7. i love some of this strappy sandals, but unfortunately the ankle strap doesn´t look great on my legs :/ so sad


  8. Thank you so much!!!! I’m following you back now on GFC :)


    "Dicas de saúde, beleza, e exercício físico"

  9. I dream of these sandals! So beautiful <3

    You have a very interesting blog, maybe we could follow each other (via GFC & bloglovin)?
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